The intention for convia was to design an app that makes it easy for women to come together doing activities they enjoy and develop a deeper sense of community (geographically and interpersonally) thereby increasing their quality of life and reducing future health implications associated with loneliness.




Design Question

 How might we create opportunities for women living in the same community to connect with other women in a fun, supportive, meaningful way?


Wire-framing & User Testing 


Convia’s branding happened concurrently with wire-framing in the design process.



Finding Convia


I came across the word communitas in my secondary research and began exploring etymology. It got me thinking about the Roman word for community. Civitas has political connotations so I avoided it. I knew I wanted something more subtle than comunete.  I explored words associated with the verb ‘to live’, but I wasn’t satisfied with just living together (viviere), it was too bland.


feminine plural of spanish verb to live  


to live together


to live

con via

together we go


a different way of spelling community


politically organized community


spirit of community

con viva

together we live 


1. (manner) METHOD a. with 

2. (accompaniment) TOGETHER a. with 

3. (toward) DIRECTION a. to  

I remembered the preposition “con” from my various forays into Spanish speaking countries and was familiar with its multiple uses. When I paired it with “via” I knew I had hit upon the vehicle with which we could use to move forward together (the forward bit is implied, there isn’t a direct correlation). But still, it was an accurate representation of my solution to loneliness and so, Convia stuck.


~ the method with which we move forward, together




I wanted a serif typeface with beautiful curvature, something that embodied femininity. And I wanted to pair it with a structured sans serif that looked clean and minimal. 


Analog Wordmark Exploration


Digital Wordmark Exploration

Playfair typeface is a beautiful combination of cuvature and structure. When I applied the gradient I was sold on the distinctly feminine aesthetic it took on. I really wanted to incorporate connection into the wordmark and played around a lot with joining letters. In the end I decided to only join the v and i, and the o and the c. I felt it was important that the letters maintain their independence too, like the individuals using my app (hopefully). 


original lowercase letters with uppercase C


all original lowercase letters


all original italicized letters


merging letters v and i


lowercase c enlarged, curvature matches better


merging c and o and adjusting kerning to elevate the flow


App Icon Design


After reviewing many different logo designs I decided to designed my own icon in Sketch by combining interlinking petals shapes. It looks like an intersection where all paths lead back to one an another and strikes a pleasing balance between individuality and connection.




I wanted Convia’s responsive web and mobile marketing site to feel fun and engaging like being invited to a gathering of your closest friends to discuss something new and exciting. I used vivid, saturated gradients to evoke excitement and pique curiosity. Individual sections of the site are woven together with the logo motif and a gold necklace - a representation both personal and interconnected in the little links.